Drew Carey Kills It In His First Appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - 11/08/1991 

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Drew Carey Kills It In His First Appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - 11/08/1991
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2020 13 آوریل





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mcarlkv53 پیش 3 ساعت
frankly, not funny at all....actually kind of stupid....mkultra and illumanati will take you far..nice career Drew...
Salted Llama
Salted Llama پیش 17 ساعت
He was so jittery and nervous here - as most were appearing on the Tonight Show back then - but it really lent to his act. There will never be another talk show like this one. They all suck now; they are all just liberal propaganda mouthpieces with dead jokes.
Jack Detore
Jack Detore پیش روز
Back when late night was worth losing sleep for.
Laurie Cook
Laurie Cook پیش روز
It's heartwarming how happy Drew seemed that the audience was enjoying his set.
Barry Basher
Barry Basher پیش 2 روز
THAT is what you call "Killing." He totally decimated that audience and Carson. Talk about stage presence and poise. WOW!
Jesse Stirling
Jesse Stirling پیش 2 روز
I miss Johnny Carson.
Charmingboy پیش 2 روز
It too great
Jonas Larsson
Jonas Larsson پیش 3 روز
Can’t believe he didn’t circle back to a ”Well at least it aint snowing” with that stop sign, cop, rain joke.
Lewis C
Lewis C پیش 4 روز
Talent matters.
Dave Genther
Dave Genther پیش 4 روز
Just a funny guy, great intro to showcase his humor
maynunal پیش 5 روز
being asked to sit next to Johnny is the ultimate compliment :-)
Covidarius Jackson
Covidarius Jackson پیش 5 روز
How many of us could stand up there and do it without nerves?
Daniel Britton
Daniel Britton پیش 6 روز
Man that was fun.
Paul Driscoll
Paul Driscoll پیش 6 روز
We saw Drew Carey a couple months before this in Las Vegas at the Comedy Stop in the Tropicana. Drew was the second comic out. Did a longer version of this set and killed it! Then he hung out at the bar in the back. my wife and I were at the bar and told him he did a great job. He was very nice and approachable!
ce christine
ce christine پیش 6 روز
Don't like Drew. Never have. He's always reminded me of the not-funny smart alec at every social occasion. But I guess a difference of opinion makes life interesting.
ce christine
ce christine پیش 5 روز
@BH I didn't search. I just came across it while looking for Carson videos. I don't have to explain why I commented, any more than you need to explain your unnecessary comment to an opinion. I'm glad I filled your empty life with "something to do".
BH پیش 5 روز
You have your opinion, and that's fine---but I'm just curious, why did you search for *and* click on this video *and* take the time to comment (You mentioned that you 'never have liked Drew')?...I could care less how you feel, truly, does not bother me at all...just seemed odd. But hey, '2020' >> am I right? As for me, I had nothing better to do right this moment than to reply back to you, keeps life interesting.
K J پیش 6 روز
The fast forward fucks up the joke timing
Greta Garbolini
Greta Garbolini پیش 8 روز
That was hilarious.
a lema
a lema پیش 9 روز
Missing you 😚 you are so funny .
Catherine Rosa-Baker
Catherine Rosa-Baker پیش 9 روز
Why do wonderful comedians take game show hosts jobs?
Gman T
Gman T پیش 10 روز
SonicLemon پیش 10 روز
What it must feel like to go on Carson your first time and nail it.
Keith McKinnon
Keith McKinnon پیش 10 روز
It's a Drew o'clock world!
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown پیش 10 روز
Looks like the 1950's. luv it!
Matthew Cabot
Matthew Cabot پیش 10 روز
When Jonny said you have to come back an join us.... you have arrived... your agent rings you 5 times that week with hey guess what...
Jake Minnie
Jake Minnie پیش 10 روز
The funniest part was after he sat down and after tellng Johnny that he is funny too, Johnny responds and he quickly turns to Ed and says “Hi Ed”. It was so off the wall and unexpected that even Johnny got a good laugh about it. Perfect comedic timing there.
Joseph Burke
Joseph Burke پیش 10 روز
The chili, cheese and bacon hot dog is the best.
Shane Fowler
Shane Fowler پیش 10 روز
I love Drew but man I’ve never seen someone laugh at their own stuff as much as he does
Nick Miller
Nick Miller پیش 11 روز
He missed a great opportunity at the end of the set to nudge the police officer and say “hey at least it’s not snowing”
xaenon پیش 12 روز
The reflection of the lights on his glasses make for a funky (and mildly unnerving) optical effect when he's looking straight at the camera.
Barb Young
Barb Young پیش 12 روز
In am young, I don't get the Yugo and mayonnaise joke
arthur kyriazis
arthur kyriazis پیش 13 روز
Omg so funny!
Donald Cothern
Donald Cothern پیش 13 روز
Carey would not make a pimple on Johnny Carson ' ass.
Pete Boslooper
Pete Boslooper پیش 13 روز
Funniest is the lights reflected in his glasses look like his eyes are wider and weird. Watch it again you'll see what I mean
Zach Hornbaker
Zach Hornbaker پیش 13 روز
Actually watched this "live" when it aired on the Tonight Show. Never seen anything like it. Quoted that cop-in-the-rain joke for years after. Such a great introduction to a fantastic performer.
kim pantyhose
kim pantyhose پیش 13 روز
THAT is what you call "Killing." He totally decimated that audience and Carson. Talk about stage presence and poise. WOW!
dbduke88 پیش 6 روز
Yes, he killed it. The roar of the audience when Johnny said he wanted Drew to come back is proof positive. Plus for a comedian to be invited over to chat with Johnny was a big honor afforded to only the best performers. Last, we have hindsight -- this performance we now know jet-propelled Drew's career.
Phillip Hayden
Phillip Hayden پیش 8 روز
Love Drew, not sure that's 'killing', though.
A I Gaming
A I Gaming پیش 14 روز
Wow that was a massacre, he slayed.
kim pantyhose
kim pantyhose پیش 13 روز
Well said.
rjb555 پیش 14 روز
Why would you cut out the ovation at the end???? That's the best part
Kelley Brown
Kelley Brown پیش 15 روز
GK PRIVATE پیش 15 روز
The Drew show was so enjoyable and it really made many people's lives better.
Kevin Mulhall jr
Kevin Mulhall jr پیش 15 روز
As a native Clevelander to this day I will still say upon hearing something with the weather, well at least its not snowing...and I currently live in central california
jc flores
jc flores پیش 16 روز
I love his nervousness when he sits down. He’s great.
that guy
that guy پیش 16 روز
This is pretty great
Terry Dactyl
Terry Dactyl پیش 17 روز
The Yugo looks pretty much like today's cars. Today's cars go over 52 miles per hour though, and have a radio.
Tony Briggs
Tony Briggs پیش 17 روز
Comics nowadays a shadow of Carey and Carson. Funny and classy. Late night TV sucks now.
tionick11 پیش 18 روز
And he was right. Heart trouble at a young age. :(
Jessy Leppert
Jessy Leppert پیش 20 روز
I like Pre-Price is Right Drew Carey
For The Love Of Seattle
For The Love Of Seattle پیش 20 روز
I wonder if Drew ever thought he would be doing the Price is Right when he started out doing standup. . .
Anthony Pegram
Anthony Pegram پیش 20 روز
I will never forget that time Drew Carey successfully landed Apollo 11
Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:
David O'Banion
David O'Banion پیش 21 روز
I saw the original broadcast. It was obvious that Drew had a future in comedy. Great stuff.
Will L
Will L پیش 22 روز
Sounds like Drew brought his mother to the show
Dexter Tipper
Dexter Tipper پیش 22 روز
Drew Carey is naturally funny...Johnny was the best at making newbies welcome....miss him
llook05 پیش 23 روز
These jokes are pretty hacky..
byron p
byron p پیش 23 روز
Well, he started off great....
bobby smith
bobby smith پیش 23 روز
And now has his own show and owns an MLS or part owner anyway professional soccer team
ACDC7369 پیش 26 روز
As a comedian, you can't get much better of a compliment than Johnny Carson telling you that you're funny as hell.
ammata thammavongsa
ammata thammavongsa پیش 26 روز
Back then, impressing Johnny would give a HUGE boost to someone's career. The jokes all landed, and his Rodney Dangerfield-style humility and midwestern sensibility probably appealed to Carson as well.
Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl
Half his jokes go way above my head (as a foreigner who can't get the references, for ex. about Ohio's weather and people's poking manners), and about 90% of his routine is too fast for me to understand (not sure I could understand much better in my own language, so fast he speaks), but I still laughed my ass off on the account that I find his 90's sitcom hilarious
Stefan Arndt
Stefan Arndt پیش 27 روز
What is with his hint of the Trans-Atlantic accent? He definately doesn't have any hint of it, anymore.
Brandon S
Brandon S پیش 28 روز
Obamasinladen پیش 28 روز
Does anyone else think the reflections on his glasses look like eyes ? 6:33
Phillip Franco
Phillip Franco پیش ماه
I loved the Drew Carey show. Excellent material and Soooo cool to watch. The episode where he's interviewing guitar players to join his band is priceless. He had some of the best rock guitarist on the show. The guitarist for the Romones, Slash from Gun's and Roses, Joe Walsh and others. Watching Drew crush it on the Tonight Show is golden!
Noho 2000
Noho 2000 پیش ماه
A number of years ago, I saw a special on Johnny Carson (American Masters, I think) and Drew was one of the people they talked to. He was recalling this moment, and as he talked about how he looked over seeing Johnny crack up, and was invited over to sit with Johnny (it was completely unexpected, and sitting next to Johnny back then meant something), he broke into tears. I thought that said a lot about Drew; even with all the success that he's had after this, he still held this moment close to his heart. Seems like a real down to earth guy.
SJReid82 پیش ماه
Drew's the best! Loved the Drew Carey show and his time hosting Whose Line. I do love the fact that's he's also a former Marine. Guarantee he was the platoon cut up.
Al Stahl
Al Stahl پیش ماه
Semper Fi
Ronald Hicks
Ronald Hicks پیش ماه
I don't think it's funny :(
Vince Roady
Vince Roady پیش ماه
and when Johnny asks you to sit for a while... you've made it.
Tonto Epstein
Tonto Epstein پیش ماه
He didn't "kill it," I just think Carson was in the frame of mind counting down his days left on the show and he basically just didn't give a crap anymore.
Penny Wise
Penny Wise پیش ماه
Back when Johnny was alive and the King and Drew was fat and funny.Now Johnny's dead and still the King and Drew is a game show host and all shriveled up.
Eric Veach
Eric Veach پیش ماه
Bubble's long lost Father.
Robert Ronning
Robert Ronning پیش ماه
Yupiambob the Creator's Network
TheAcceber1 پیش ماه
So great to be young and just starting out. Earth is flat dudes.
Bob Patterson
Bob Patterson پیش ماه
Classic Drey Carey. I still remember those jokes from so many years ago.
A. Perkins
A. Perkins پیش ماه
Being asked to have a SEAT Was like working for NASA You sit down & prepare for your career to BLAST🚀 OFF
Daniel پیش ماه
Funny guy not sure who he would throw it all away to a do a game show.
Paul WT
Paul WT پیش 25 روز
mannonmission1 پیش ماه
I do not understand the mayonaise joke with the Ugo car...please explain
lambo2655 پیش ماه
He was really funny :)
David پیش ماه
Now I know what to do when it rains really hard :)
Clash Bandikute
Clash Bandikute پیش ماه
This was really funny, but I'm still kicking myself over how much the stage lights were shining in Drew's glasses during his set: he looked like anime character with all that glare on his specs.
killed it. hilarious.
Jeffrey Palmer
Jeffrey Palmer پیش ماه
I don't think this was done before a live audience it sounds like the laughter is kind of like spliced in there. It's the kind of laughter you used to hear on Gilligan's Island or The Beverly Hillbillies where's its just spliced in there
Jamie Reno
Jamie Reno پیش ماه
Sadly he hasn;t been funny in a very long time.
Poppa Koils
Poppa Koils پیش ماه
The studio lights in his glasses look like eyes, lmao.
rxcapasso پیش ماه
Ralph Hickok
Ralph Hickok پیش ماه
"Kills it"? I'm surprised this performance didn't kill his career.
Mark Grewvin
Mark Grewvin پیش ماه
Seinfeld and Carey, I was watching when each had their first performance on Carson. Both a joy to watch.
1gallimaufry پیش ماه
You know why I stopped you? Yeah. Wanna know why I ran the stop sign? That joke killed me! Brilliant
James Watt
James Watt پیش ماه
I remember this bit when it first came on. He was hilarious and this episode has always stayed with me since then. It was one of the funniest bits ever done in the history of the Johnny Carson Show.
Mavis Twice
Mavis Twice پیش ماه
"funny business"
The Devil In The Circuit
Drew Carey should sue that goober who draws the Dilbert comic strip for stealing his look.
jblglw پیش ماه
I thought killing it meant funny.
wrlord پیش ماه
Love how humble he was, and how thrilled he was when Johnny called him over. Johnny calling you over was a golden ticket.
harryfromwork پیش ماه
never knew he was so funny and I used to watch Who's Line Is It and his show....lol
Tim Danby
Tim Danby پیش ماه
Yeah, I know why you stopped me. Do you know why I ran the stop sign?🤪
Tim Danby
Tim Danby پیش ماه
I see he kept his Marine Corps haircut.
Pussy PaTroll
Pussy PaTroll پیش ماه
I can't focus on his jokes... that audience is just way too overly responsive.
jacwood22 پیش ماه
He crushed it!!
Christian Windum
Christian Windum پیش ماه
Proper stand-up, i love it 🙂
Steven Zore
Steven Zore پیش ماه
yeah its so funny
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