Jim Fowler's Funniest Moments on The Tonight Show 

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Some hilarious moments over the years with Jim Fowler on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

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2019 9 مه





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Frasier the bichon
Frasier the bichon پیش ماه
We need to take a deep breath, relax, and go back in time to about 48 years ago.....
Paul Montemayor
Paul Montemayor پیش ماه
Lol!! Johnny saying if that bear takes a slug out of Ed McMahon's cup, it'll hibernate for a year!! I sure miss this show.
Patricia m Visnofsky
Patricia m Visnofsky پیش 2 ماه
🖥 good morning all 🦘🐨always like Johnny Carson with the animals on the show🦔🐻
Crazy Bananas
Crazy Bananas پیش 3 ماه
luis romero
luis romero پیش 4 ماه
The GOLD standard...no one will ever be this good!!!!
Natasha W.B.
Natasha W.B. پیش 4 ماه
I wish I could remember when tv was an EVENT. I barely remember Letterman much less this legend . Bless the souls who put all these Johnnie's online
Veronica Veil
Veronica Veil پیش 6 ماه
Aw it got cut off at the best part----when Jim took the Goliath beetle off of Johnny, it flew away. Johnny said "Why didn't you tell me it could fly?!" Jim said "I didn't know!" Johnny's eyes got big and he shouted "What the hell else didn't you know about it Jim?!?" Please put that part in!
Kathryn Molesa
Kathryn Molesa پیش 6 ماه
Johnny was the king. The others are just jesters.
David Janowski
David Janowski پیش 6 ماه
Doc is hysterical.
Tam and Dom Ballard Ballard
Its funny, I would rather watch these than the garbage on TV now!!!
James Anthony
James Anthony پیش 6 ماه
You're in good company since that's how the _rest of us_ watch late night TV.... come to youtube and scrounge through Johnny Carson's old clips instead. At least he was entertaining. =)
jim h
jim h پیش 9 ماه
Where's the clip where the animal goes to the bathroom on Johnny's head
David Janowski
David Janowski پیش 6 ماه
That was a marmoset that Joan Embery brought on.
Michael Serby
Michael Serby پیش 11 ماه
Johnny was the best...funny. ...unlike todays talkshow hosts who are so political 🖤
Louis Link
Louis Link پیش سال
I miss Johnny so much .. those guys on now are unwatchable
llewellyn williams
llewellyn williams پیش سال
he had a nice voice johnny
mytreker پیش سال
He’s just playing. Playing my ass!
David Janowski
David Janowski پیش 6 ماه
"He punched me right in the mouth!"
NS ،
NS ، پیش سال
Total Likes
Total Likes پیش سال
God dam it i wish we went back to this era of talk shows. i can't stand talk show hosts nowadays, Fallon, Maher & Colbert etc ..get rid of em i don't care either way. *Make America Great Again*
zxcvb1 پیش سال
Hello. Would it be possible to upload the June 26 1989 Interview with Pat Morita? Jay Leno was a guest host that day. Thank you!
Landon Lovette
Landon Lovette پیش سال
Can you please upload the video of Paul Williams singing in his planet of the apes costume?
Clint Burgess
Clint Burgess پیش سال
Lol. We're going to miss Jim Fowler.
zeke99 پیش سال
Carson was & likely will remain the best-ever late-night TV show host. One thing he did which is sorely lacking today is to stay away from bitter partisan attacks. He was an equal-opportunity jokester & was respected by people from all political parties because of it. People could unite in his humor but most of today's talk show hosts have crossed the line & do nothing other than berate people. Some talk show hosts discuss very few other things other than politics, and their continuous grinding the axe over the President & others they disagree with. Carson never did that & would disapprove of today's so-called comedians.
Total Likes
Total Likes پیش سال
I agree 1,000%
Semper Fi
Semper Fi پیش سال
He just punched me in the mouth....
Ellie R from the Bronx
I used to love those Carson clips with the animals!
Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer پیش سال
Wonderful tribute to two men we'll miss madly, thank you! I'll bet you could come up with at least two hours worth of Jim's visits, hint hint hint!
Mark Pedroza
Mark Pedroza پیش سال
R.I.P. Jim Fowler ~
Veronica Veil
Veronica Veil پیش سال
Aw the best part with the Goliath beetle was cut off--Jim tells Johnny he didn't know the beetle could fly and Johnny says "What the hell else didn't you know about him Jim? He's poisonous isn't he!"
PeteSanctions پیش 5 ماه
"You didn't tell me he could fly!" "Well I didn't KNOW he could fly"
Steve Jones
Steve Jones پیش سال
how long have you him under control Jim
M Daley
M Daley پیش سال
I don’t think there’s a video clip out there that I didn’t watch live. I had no life back in the 70’s and never could get up on time for school, but I loved watching Johnny Carson.
Lynn A
Lynn A پیش سال
Now I know why Marlin stayed in the tent. 🤣
Doug Griggs
Doug Griggs پیش سال
Boy, all 3 of these were great. Esp the bear cub, who was RAVENOUSLY hungry!!! Johnny was correct imho to be asking "When was the last time you fed this guy, Jim???!!" And the small monkey must have gotten into the psychedelic mushrooms!!! I agree with Jim, despite bopping Johnny in the face a little, I think the little guy was playing. I have seen monkeys get truly angry and THEY DO NOT FOOL AROUND!!! They screech like crazy and bare their teeth. I think both guys, esp and understandable Johnny, were moving too fast. Just put your hand on table and rest it there. Place the stool slowly on the table.
heardofjohn پیش سال
The Black Bear Cub segment actually goes on alot longer; too bad they only showed part of it, as it was one of the funniest 'animal' segments I ever saw on Carson.
CharlieX پیش سال
We miss them both
grassfireu پیش سال
I rustled up a cup of coffee one early morning in 1991 for Mr. Fowler at the TV station where I was working. Definitely a thrill for young me.
RIP cheers guys!!
w k
w k پیش سال
The people they have hosting late night talk shows nowadays wouldn't be qualified to light Johnny's cigarette!
Hell Sing
Hell Sing پیش سال
And now we have Jimmy dancing and screeching over the floor looking at a sparrow.
vibra64 پیش سال
No one can compare with Carson. Can you imagine how today's so called late night hosts would have reacted when the monkey hit Carson in the face? I can bet it would not be half as funny as Carson reactions.
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes پیش سال
I'm old enough to remember when The Tonight Show was funny and worth staying up to watch. Not so much anymore.
boffo63 پیش سال
Wild Kingdom was a highlight of the week when I was 5 living on the farm. I think WW of Disney was on that night too
Ed Wu
Ed Wu پیش سال
I miss Johnny Carson so much
Rev Wolf
Rev Wolf پیش سال
That bear is awesome.
Toni Wilson
Toni Wilson پیش سال
R.I.P. Jim Fowler pass away 5-8-2019. Johnny and Jim was always funny together.
Winner's Creed
Winner's Creed پیش سال
Thank you for posting, I'm still going to look him up. Miss both of them. I just can't watch modern t.v. it's like someone dropped it on it's head and now it's damaged and in need of serious repair
2101case پیش سال
RIP Jim Fowler
satinlace12003 پیش سال
Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith پیش سال
Make's today's talk show hosts look like hacks.
wlhardy پیش سال
RIP Jim Fowler, you and Joan Embrey provided millions of Americans with millions of laughs for many years!
Richard Robbin2
Richard Robbin2 پیش سال
I am. 47 years old, my parents would get me out bed when I was 5 to watch this, So entertaining R.I.P Jim Fowler🦁🐯✌
From Mars
From Mars پیش سال
I hope Jim is up in animal heaven right now. That's 1 human that would surely be welcome.
Robert Wright
Robert Wright پیش سال
I never missed a show when Flowler or Jane Embry their traveling zoo to the set. always had be in stitches.
Cold Winter
Cold Winter پیش سال
LOL Hilarious! I sure do miss Johnny. RIP to both very fine men.
mountnman3609 پیش سال
RIP Jim.
Hello World
Hello World پیش سال
Thank you JC and JF for the good laugh l really need it
Regina's Old Soul
Regina's Old Soul پیش سال
Man I miss this! Today's comedy won't even come close. Everything now has to be spelled out and made obvious. No more good punch lines. It's like comedy has been dumbed-down for the masses. Johnny could tell a joke just by his facial expressions
aviduser1961 پیش سال
Thank you for all those great times Jim! You can rest now.
troynov1965 پیش سال
RIP Jim Fowler , Godspeed Grew up watching him on Wild Kingdom .
Jeff F
Jeff F پیش ماه
I went to his memorial service, he donated his property to create a nature preserve. www.tpl.org/our-work/silvermine-fowler-preserve
stephanie M
stephanie M پیش سال
So did I, tbis made me sad. 😢 RIP Jim, Johnny too. 💕
251Trioxin پیش سال
The king 👑 of late night .... period
kb coop
kb coop پیش سال
RIP Mr. Fowler..thanks for the memories
thenewmiLONNIEum پیش سال
I grew up watching Johnny Carson in the 80s when I was in elementary and junior high schools. I watched his final episode. Today, I can't stand to watch Jimmy Fallon. He is sooo unfunny compared to Johnny Carson. And I'm four days younger than Fallon, so we probably had similar comedy influences growing up.
propdoctor21564 پیش سال
Gosh I miss watching him... There will never be another like Johnny
Douglas Morris
Douglas Morris پیش سال
R.I.P. Jim! you were great.
Apple Feng
Apple Feng پیش سال
HeS DeAd i dIDiNt kNoW
Steve Szejna
Steve Szejna پیش سال
Carson was the BEST. Period. I watched this several times and laughed just as hard each time.
James Winn
James Winn پیش سال
You truly were the best Johnny
Dontuween پیش سال
God, how we all miss Johnny!
Alexander James-Palmer
We will definitely miss Jim and Johnny. Gone, but certainly not forgotten.
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers پیش سال
RIP to the TRUE King of late night comedy. Oh, how I wish you were back right now. 😭
unistatyt پیش سال
RIP Jim and Johnny
Lorrie Harkey
Lorrie Harkey پیش سال
Watching these clips and shows as they pop up in my sub feed reminds me why I haven’t watched TV in years ...... when you grew up watching gold like this today’s programming is pointless.... this one did remind me though I need to search for some of those Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom cud’s LOL. Loved them!!
D Marcouxbeatty
D Marcouxbeatty پیش 5 ماه
I agree with you. Haven't watched the Tonight Show since Johnny's last show. Stopped watching the news in 2001. We are Military and were stationed in Heidelberg Germany when 9/11 hit. A week after, my mother called from the States in a panic. She said the news said that there were rioters at Patton Barricks, which was where we lived. She didn't believe me when I told her "no". She thought I was trying to spare her. I had to go outside and ask one of the MP's to talk to her. There was nothing. It was a out right lie. Last day I believed the news or watched it. We stopped watching tv all together in 2007. We are back in Germany again. Every now and then my folks call and say, we saw this on the news, how true is it? Sadly, most of it is crap or worse, staged. Like when Greta was on a German Train going home. She staged a picture of herself sitting on the floor of the train. Said the train was so full that was where she was the whole time. The head of the German Train system called her out on that. She was in 1st class and had a whole section to herself. There were pictures too. Greta is not liked here in Europe and that is by her own age group too. The EU is hated!
Lorrie Harkey
Lorrie Harkey پیش سال
vinyltapelover LOL. Those sound like some awfully good memories!!!!!!! Thanks for the reply........ That always makes my day ....
vinyltapelover پیش سال
Lorrie Harkey I remember watching M.OF. O., Sunday afternoons, as a kid, before Castro had taken over Cuba. This was one of the few programs that my mother would let me watch. So 'though I didn't love it, admittedly it was a good program, and it was at least something[to watch] and learn new things. Now, my favorite nature type programming that I liked to watch, was Disney's, with Rex Allen's great voice narrating. Those were the days, weren't they..for me, .Sheriff John, Crusader Rabbit, The Long Ranger and Sky King, lol.
ps Smith
ps Smith پیش سال
Johnny was such a class act. He is truly missed.
Apple Feng
Apple Feng پیش سال
Kris B
Kris B پیش سال
Great clips! Thanks for posting.
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith پیش سال
What I would love to see is a DVD package that has a disc of just Johnny with Jim Fowler (RIP), Joam Embry and other animal handlers, maybe one with just Karnac, skits, etc. So many wonderful moments on that show. The current late night programs pale in comparison.
vinyltapelover پیش سال
@fairterr Yes sir:):) and don't sweat the spelling. What you mean is good enough for me. Have a great day and keep smiling.
fairterr پیش سال
Gotta have some Karnac (spelling?), and all the characters Johnny didand of course Ed McMahon.
vinyltapelover پیش سال
Melissa Smith Maybe except for Craig Ferguson, who did a late night show for 10 years.
jack buckley
jack buckley پیش سال
The KING of comedy, there will never be another Johnny Carson! 😎
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers پیش 11 ماه
Today's so-called "late night hosts" are truly pathetic by comparison!
fairterr پیش سال
How true, How true, miss Johnny and all the great guests he had on the show, good ole days..
Bird Brain
Bird Brain پیش سال
Oh, wow! Brings back memories of great late night TV. Love Johnny's quick-witted ad-libs! Thanks for sharing! 👍👌😂
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