Ronald Reagan Interview on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - 01/03/1975 - Part 02 

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Ronald Reagan Interview on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - 01/03/1975 - Part 02
Part 01 - iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/i5ynnsm8sYHTnHk.html
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Jim D
Jim D پیش 10 ساعت
This guy won the Cold War.(a measured, intelligent, calm, focused, informed, successful patriot)
Robert Biondo
Robert Biondo پیش روز
We've created a monster by not being involved. Trump is getting everyone involved . 🇺🇸👍
jerry salem
jerry salem پیش روز
This guy is dripping with charisma
dennis N
dennis N پیش روز
The man who rang up the biggest deficits in history thought they were terrible in 1975, but just not when he was President
dennis N
dennis N پیش روز
His one liners about "Gov'ment" didnt elicit the applause as he expected.
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2020 and nobody can list the policies a candidate stands for. Only this time, the left can’t seem to do that.
Tom Pozsonyi
Tom Pozsonyi پیش 2 روز
What a great man he was! God help the country find another like him!
Dave auf dem BMW
Dave auf dem BMW پیش 2 روز
Imagine traitor trump was President in the ‘80s. We’d all be speaking Russian!!
Sherrye Bass Smith
Sherrye Bass Smith پیش 2 روز
Ronald Reagan was one of our most exceptional presidents, who had masterful leadership with insightful wisdom!
Harmanjot Singh
Harmanjot Singh پیش 2 روز
So what happened to the intellectual quality of conversation
David W
David W پیش 2 روز
"(President Ronald) Reagan took the deficit from 70 billion to 175 billion." This is more or less accurate. The federal deficit went from about $78.9 billion at the beginning of Reagan’s presidency to $152.6 billion at the end of it. At points between 1983 and 1986, the deficit was actually more than $175 billion.
Nathan Dessalegne
Nathan Dessalegne پیش 3 روز
My uncle immigrated from Ethiopia in the 70's and was able to establish a few of the major cab companies in Washington DC in the 80's and flourish under Reagan. Need this level of leadership and poise back moving forward!
anna demo
anna demo پیش 3 روز
They were both great men. Reagan knew the Deep State was bad even then.
David Mossholder
David Mossholder پیش 3 روز
More great evidence that today’s politicians, journalists, and late night hosts have all gone together over the cliff.
soggy bottom boys
soggy bottom boys پیش 3 روز
14.5 million public employees back then. there are over 20.2 million today. which is over 14 percent of the workforce in the U.S. that is too many, and they have too much power over the government. the public employee unions run California. and it has led to this train wreck going on right now. i wish people had listened to the Gipper a little more back then.
pieterklaaskrugmann پیش 3 روز
i dont care about politics, but i love Reagan.
Nitestar Productions
Nitestar Productions پیش 3 روز
One of the greatest frauds and panderers in US history. Eisenhower had to have been rolling over in his grave when this was originally broadcast. The way this joker deregulated this country to make Americans vulnerable to the vultures he aligned himself was a crime against humanity.
David Stalnaker
David Stalnaker پیش 3 روز
Sad that we can't get a man to lead us like him again
Jill Henderson
Jill Henderson پیش 3 روز
Jonny would be silenced and Shamed today. Imagine that!
Private Area
Private Area پیش 3 روز
Reagan was the last great!
Tony Arc
Tony Arc پیش 3 روز
KILL the CIA!!!!!
I I پیش 3 روز
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor پیش 3 روز
at 7:50...Johnny: "how do you balance the budget?" ...Reagan: .."it's like protecting your virtue, you have to learn to say, No." We were there in 1975...arguing over liberal vs. conservative. I miss those days. Now, we're just trying to keep the Union together. We need to defeat ignorance. Liberal or Conservative, we need to defeat ignorance. We also need to defeat the left-wing of the Democrat Party. Period.
The Great Restoration
The Great Restoration پیش 4 روز
How about our politicians don’t get paid when they shut down businesses for fake viruses....if we can’t make money YOU can’t make money...simple.
Nate Peace
Nate Peace پیش 4 روز
You see children of today. This is what humans use to sound like. Rational, intelligent, well spoken, charming. And then came Trump.
Bob Miglarese
Bob Miglarese پیش 4 روز
So in your mind ,the parents have no responsibility. Brilliant.
Alberto Gonzalez
Alberto Gonzalez پیش 4 روز
Wow and this was in the 80s
wrinkleneckbass پیش 4 روز
Reagan talks about controlling spending and balancing the budget, but he was the one who tripled the national debt during his 8 years in office which started a trend that the US just can't seem to control.
Robert Tracy
Robert Tracy پیش 4 روز
Is it just me or is Reagan reading off of a sheet during the part of the video where he discusses Vietnam?
Kurt Trout
Kurt Trout پیش 4 روز
So right Kevya.well said.
Chuck Kennedy
Chuck Kennedy پیش 4 روز
Ronald Reagan the last Real President this country ever had. Nuff Said.
Kelly Adams
Kelly Adams پیش 4 روز
He speaks so well, I think he should run for a president.
Stuck In NY
Stuck In NY پیش 5 روز
..back when people had manners and respect for others!
Stuck In NY
Stuck In NY پیش 5 روز
My feelings for President Trump are much the same, perhaps even more then the fondness and respect I have for Ronald Reagan.
Da Truth
Da Truth پیش 5 روز
People never heard this message in their spirit. And thats why we have the insanity we have today. SAD !
Ben Goodhart
Ben Goodhart پیش 5 روز
The illegal immigration problem is largely his fault and the amnesty that he granted set a precedence, militarization of the police force and the war on drugs nonsense. His worst move was being cajoled to take the maniac George Bush Sr (CIA spook) on as VP to largely push through the neocons.
Malcolm Price
Malcolm Price پیش 5 روز
On point. Wise words from the Reagan.
Hunt Stoddard
Hunt Stoddard پیش 5 روز
"I don't know anyone with less influence in government today than business." Oh Ronny, you're such a card.
Tom Degan
Tom Degan پیش 5 روز
A feebleminded, failed B movie actor.
Jeannie B
Jeannie B پیش 5 روز
God it’s sad how much things have changed I miss the 80’s
Slade Grey
Slade Grey پیش 5 روز
Reagan was *THE* best President in American history. He knew exactly what was wrong with the country, what was RIGHT with the country. He also knew that reliance on government was a MASSIVE mistake that should be avoided. The Government creates MORE problems. The more it gets involved in people's lives, the worse it gets. It's a shame Reagan couldn't have stayed President long after his term was up.
Marine Vet One Roman
Marine Vet One Roman پیش 5 روز
Lordy... 2020 and nothing has changed.. Except the #'s $$$ But Trump Tried...🇺🇲
Max Rank
Max Rank پیش 6 روز
As a republican I can honestly say I loved Ronald. I miss him and Thatcher. Donald take note of how decent people and folk speak and behave.
dick houweling
dick houweling پیش 6 روز
Wish he was president
Chairman Mao
Chairman Mao پیش 6 روز
second options ? C H I N A
Marine Vet One Roman
Marine Vet One Roman پیش 5 روز
Neilfrozn پیش 6 روز
There is NO other talk show host who can compare to Johnny Carson! He set the standard, and the bar so high that it is unreachable! That's why he lasted as long as he did.
Mike Hink
Mike Hink پیش 6 روز
Wow... I am so amazed listening to this. I was only 2 years old when his last term ended and this interview was 11 years before I was born - but how refreshing and enlightening it is to hear someone speaking (at least what seems to be) honestly and not just hitting on talking points. Politics has fallen to such sullen depths over the course of my lifetime. I’ve never been a fan or an adversary of Ronald but just seeing this makes me hold him in a much higher esteem than I ever thought of him before.
Mike Hink
Mike Hink پیش 6 روز
Good god, if only politicians could embody this type of honesty and humility today... we’ve dropped so far off the map... what he said at around the 10:00 mark - and on for a bit - is so damn true and enlightening - this was so amazing to see after being used to what we see today. Even if you don’t agree, which is fine, at least it doesn’t appear he is double-speaking or trying to cover all bases to not insult a certain constituency.
Thoughtsurfer Zone
Thoughtsurfer Zone پیش 6 روز
I wish he was the same Reagan from 1945. Private individuals cannot run health insurance, for instance. You need a large structure. That will either be a corporation or the government. Assuming it's a democratic government, which of those do you trust?
gmodmagic پیش 6 روز
@Thoughtsurfer Zone Agreed, in the times we live in, that IS the governments job in some cases, not sure I agree with how much people tend to rely on the government though. Government agency's haven't performed anywhere near where they should to help people, that's true, but I'm also very conservative and I don't believe in more government to try and resolve that. I don't believe it would work anyway. Help needs to be on local levels, where it can be applied properly.
Thoughtsurfer Zone
Thoughtsurfer Zone پیش 6 روز
@gmodmagic A government agency's first responsibility is human need. A corporation's first responsibility is to profit. That motive works out sometimes, but not the commons.
gmodmagic پیش 6 روز
A corporation. Especially in the age of information we live in. If you're a company and you screw people over, you will be burned BADLY, word will spread faster than it ever could in all of HISTORY and people will drop you. If you broke laws in doing so then people will ask the government to step in and right the wrongs. If a government has control, it can do what it pleases more or less, they are funded by the people and people have no real say in it because paying tax is mandatory, meanwhile paying money to a company is not and money in most cases has a lot of power. The government is too big and too full of political elites with their own views on how things should be done, corporations however have to run a business that attracts and retains its customers. Both systems have flaws, but the government has proven to fail, time and time again.
CrewRanger Gaming
CrewRanger Gaming پیش 6 روز
The current guy who do Tonight Show is a total joker.
Andy Godinez
Andy Godinez پیش 6 روز
Dealing with the same $#!7 today
Beltfedshooters پیش 6 روز
Now watch Steven Colbert and see just how bad the democrats have become. Full of rage and hate.
Mike Kenner
Mike Kenner پیش 7 روز
Ronald Reagan will be on money some day! He's the man. I loved growing up with Prez Reagan.
Walter Bellini
Walter Bellini پیش 7 روز
He is good to hear back in the days when they knew what was important.
Larry G
Larry G پیش 7 روز
Special interest groups "I don't of anyone with less influence"...
Vincent Lui
Vincent Lui پیش 7 روز
Everyone watching this host show couldn't even imagine that Ronald Reagan was going to be the best president with no doubts four years after he accepted on this stage.
mustangmike091 پیش 8 روز
Howdy Very Very Nice Show, Mr Ronald Reagan is soo nice to listen to . Johnny Carson is really nice to . More of this , Thank you Mike
Kraft Outdoors
Kraft Outdoors پیش 8 روز
Two people I miss. R.R. and B.O. I just want a president to bring calm. Articulate speakers. I'm 31 so my parents were in the R.R. I'm republican, all I hope and pray is Biden will some what bring the nation together.
gmodmagic پیش 6 روز
Biden is not the president and the election is being contested. Biden will tear the US further apart with his destructive policies.
alfonso salas
alfonso salas پیش 8 روز
Jimmy Fallan girly man
John hearn
John hearn پیش 8 روز
You could drop the average bum on His head and he'd still make more Sense then that howdy dowdy Moron.
GibbonBasher پیش 8 روز
0:38 “Well, Johnny, I think one of the things is that people keep looking to the government for the answer, and the government’s the problem.” *Runs for president 5 years later*
Disco Dave
Disco Dave پیش 8 روز
Reagan was a clown.
Clever Eduardo Silva
Clever Eduardo Silva پیش 9 روز
The art of misleading bullshit done with much more class than today's republicans seem able to do. But certainly the beginning of all the crap that still goes around nowadays. Ronald Reagan was the great catalist of the economic divide that exists in America.
IGT پیش 9 روز
I knew who Ronald Reagan was before Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.
Zoe Flores
Zoe Flores پیش 9 روز
steven glen
steven glen پیش 9 روز
Reagen is the OG of modern politics
cockyhemi پیش 9 روز
Reagan was a great actor. And this was one of his better jobs. Hahahahahahahahaaa! His administration spent more money in 8 years than all other presidents before him COMBINED.
joe cole
joe cole پیش 8 روز
Starve the beast
IGT پیش 9 روز
They all fall off the edge. What Trump tweeted in 2012 vs. what his actual administration did is just bonkers. Also Trump. Great actor.
Shannon Reed
Shannon Reed پیش 9 روز
I remember watching him as a kid, in England, where i reside now, and not knowing anything about politics or presidents, but still too this day, i remember how much i liked him. Says a lot, when some random man on TV, can have such a impact on a childs mind. Shame there are not more like him, in the political world today 😔
Gray پیش 9 روز
😂😂😂 yes this aged well... like Regan himself, Dopey.
Tom White
Tom White پیش 9 روز
Oh my God... I miss that man.... he was C in C when i served. One of the greatest we ever had.
NEMO پیش 10 روز
This is proof of how we Americans took our eye off the ball and the country went to H+**ll.
Samantha Cat
Samantha Cat پیش 10 روز
One thing the former President Reagan was talking is very funny, but do make very much sense though. Sure young healthy and rich will be happier than old, unhealthy and poor though. America’s freedoms and equality of opportunities principles society, young or younger Americans need to be well educated, learn harder and work harder by their young health, energies and active brains, constant learning experiences to make them richer by entrepreneurship spirit, if America’s better policies by less regulations and taxes, all young and younger generations will be able getting richer quickly and retire earlier and enjoy life earlier, surely will be much happier and more hopeful for future as the facts. Not like old or older people, less or much less energies, most of them are less healthy, less opportunities to learn more and work harder, but to spend more and less funs, less happiness and more miserable mood and hopeless for sure. This is why young and younger generations need to cherish their advantage of young ages, cherish our country America’s greatness of the freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities society, since surely less countries in the world will be able to achieve equality of opportunities and freedoms as well as opportunities for entrepreneurship spirit and education opportunities in our country America’s principles for sure. The former President Reagan obviously understand young Americans’ advantages and older Americans’ disadvantages at the same time. Listen to older generations’ life experiences will avoid unnecessary mistakes and too late to regret to regret for sure. Listen to an older great President Reagan or President Bush, surely will never regret, but to learn more to understand more quickly to cherish what America’s greatness and kindness nature, whatever efforts by educations or hardworking, as long as tried hard will benefit self quickly, because this is America and America’s greatness of the freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities principles for Americans of all. RIP both President Reagan and President Bush 41.
Bonita Janssen
Bonita Janssen پیش 10 روز
The more the government saves, the more they steal. SUCKERS.
AlternateAlternative پیش 11 روز
Notice how the talk show host is not an insufferable clown? Also notice how the laughs are genuine and not forced?
african mate
african mate پیش 11 روز
42jwiener پیش 11 روز
What would Reagan think of the actions of the Democrats and the Republicans in 2020?
Lisa Norlin
Lisa Norlin پیش 11 روز
He is adorable 😂
Nathan پیش 11 روز
Crazy to think California actually elected Republicans at one point.
Pyrx پیش 10 روز
@Nathan ahh no I'm a dumbass lol
Nathan پیش 10 روز
@Pyrx bro I am agreeing with you that is the Democrats agenda.
Nathan پیش 10 روز
@Pyrx it didn't. I got you.
Nathan پیش 10 روز
@Pyrx yep
Pyrx پیش 10 روز
Because Republicans don't support abortion, arent anti guns, don't want insane taxes on the rich, and don't support $15 minimum wage that would cause economic collapse
FBI پیش 12 روز
Tony English
Tony English پیش 12 روز
I would have loved to have seen Mr. Reagan and Andy Griffith have a 30 minute conversation. How we miss the integrity, humility and honor these great men exuded.
shirley lake
shirley lake پیش 12 روز
These two men were brilliant and funny.
Ian Rollinson
Ian Rollinson پیش 12 روز
The government is the problem.!nothings changed since then until now and if u read between the lines u can c how they pave the way 2 become president.!,red or blue it’s up 2 u?,what a load ov politrix.!
Eric Norcross Cinema
Eric Norcross Cinema پیش 12 روز
Reagan's argument hinges on separating the government from the people. This is not the reality, which is why there is such a massive ideological divide right now. This government IS the people and by destroying the government's inability to spend money on social programs to better lives, said people are just suiciding themselves. So when you hear, "The government is the problem', really what he's saying is, "You are the problem."
Kevin R
Kevin R پیش 8 روز
On the other hand, he does make a point about Government Employees (then at 14 million, now well over 20 million.) With our total national population in mind, roughly one in fifteen people work for the government in some form or another. I believe that number is a bit high and unnecessary.
giothemath پیش 12 روز
He was a bad guy, but really slick
Thomas P
Thomas P پیش 12 روز
1ST General
1ST General پیش 13 روز
Everyone condemning President Trump for his unorthodox ways of his presidency say I wish it was like when someone else was President but the years since they were President things continue to get worse President Trump has lived and worked ,socialized with the people that make up the swamp that's what scares both sides knowing he has the ability to drain their ability to use the United States as their own bank with no intention of repayment in most cases their name isn't on the loan it's referred to as a grant or study that the money is divided out not to mention insider knowledge people coming into office barley in the middle income bracket become millionaires quickly
marco a. l. lobo
marco a. l. lobo پیش 13 روز
Reagan? A jerk. Two big Enonomic Crises during his Terms as President: That's a landslide Record.
Duane Smith
Duane Smith پیش 12 روز
r laze
r laze پیش 13 روز
"Government is the problem, while i make it my job." Politicians... smh
Steven Ashe
Steven Ashe پیش 13 روز
Reagan: “The answer to curing inflation is a balanced budget”. Hmm. He was a very likable guy and he related well to many people. And he inspired many with his leadership skills. But his understanding of the issues of the day were very unsophisticated and shallow. And this is Reagan of 1975 not 1985. I was a young adult back in the 80s, but even so I really don’t feel I know enough to opine on the effectiveness of his presidency. But I can say that his brand of aw shucks, anti-intellectualism that proved so politically popular is something we have been paying dearly for ever since.
BubbleRap پیش 13 روز
Back when people were respected and not ridiculed for their belief. America has devolved into a brainless, whinning mass of reprobates.
ahmedsafaa1000 پیش 13 روز
If republicans are treated the same way Jimmy Carson treats his guest you would have seen them act more classy than democrats
Arsenal Arsenal
Arsenal Arsenal پیش 13 روز
Here’s what in notice: 1. Confidence 2. Humility 3. Honesty 4. Composure 5. Intelligence 6. Virtues 7. Respect 8. Moderation 9. Debonair 10. Humor 10 things that make you a Reagan man...
Livins Varghese
Livins Varghese پیش 13 روز
Hey DUMP TRUMP look, this is how a gentleman president talks.
Kwame Smith
Kwame Smith پیش 14 روز
He's 63 years old here. Trump and Biden are 74 and 77 respectively right now.
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. پیش 11 روز
Kwame Smith If Biden gets is the White House, it ain’t over yet. The incompetent media doesn’t declare victory, the electrics do.
Kwame Smith
Kwame Smith پیش 12 روز
@Duane Smith , trump was actually the oldest president to be elected at 70 in November of 2016. He beat Reagan by a few months. Trump born June of 1946 elected November of 2016. But Bidens got them both beat . Biden turns 78 on November 20th.
Duane Smith
Duane Smith پیش 12 روز
​@Kwame Smith So Trump and Reagen were the same age.
Kwame Smith
Kwame Smith پیش 12 روز
@Duane Smith , February 6 1911 was his date of birth and he was elected November of 1980 and inaugurated January of 1981 which made him 69 years of age. He turned 70 in February of 81.
Duane Smith
Duane Smith پیش 12 روز
Reagan was 70 when he became President.
scrapsnscribbles2 پیش 14 روز
Reagan apparently was using this slogan as early as 1975 as this clip shows. "Government is the problem." It was an effective but cheap shot. It's disingenuous for a career politician to pin the blame on government. Does an umpire say, "Baseball is the problem." Not at all, the problems are many. Not just obvious things like cheating and fighting or other unsportsmanlike conduct, but a million judgment calls have to made. In or out of the strike zone, was it a checked swing?, fair or foul, safe or out are the usual ones. One liners are good for jokes, but when made into slogans, we need to be careful. There is a strong potential toward propaganda. By appealing to simplicity or black and white thinking, the slogan creates a clear but not always truthful picture of the opponent. It's similar to the rhetorical device of a straw man. If in an argument, I make my opponent's viewpoint seem like something that is clearly objectionable and that it relatively easy to dismiss or destroy in words, I've created a "straw man." I'm saying Reagan is being disingenuous. I'm clearly accusing him of a card trick, of playing a rhetorical angle on something that he knows to be much more complicated and controversial. He is grossly oversimplifying the issue and by drawing an us vs them distinction appealing to baser instincts in the people. We all want to believe that we're on the side of good and our enemies are on the side of evil. That's his game. I say it's less than fair because he drew a government paycheck like every elected official. As the chief executive, he was fully one third of the federal government as set out in the Constitution. His role was not to be pitcher and throw fast balls, but more like an umpire. Now if I say that Reagan really didn't believe that government was the problem and only said it to be devious and win votes and get himself into government, then I'm playing a straw man, because no one approves of that. I know he in fact believed these things and thought they were good things. I'm saying it's often hypocritical for elected officials to do things that the citizen voter can do with impunity. The same rhetorical device is used today in an even more devious way. "Drain the swamp." Down with the "Deep State." These are straw men as arguments*, that is, every reasonable person is for getting rid of something like a swamp or an entrenched insidious disease. The difficult part is in deciding who belongs to these categories and if in fact those people are enemies of the state and the people. If they are enemies, then we need to ask why? And how did this happen? And finally, what gives me the right to call them enemies? Pretty soon you begin to see, that there's reasons for people's beliefs and actions. If we stop hating the person, and look at the belief, we're heading in the right direction. I know a little about Reagan and can say with some confidence that he got this belief from thinkers like Ayn Rand. It was controversial in his time. He is the first truly Neo-conservative president. Much of what he was promoting was nothing more than Jeffersonian anti-Federalism. But again, that's being disingenuous. We don't live in the 18th century. It's not as though we didn't fight a bloody Civil War over issues like state's rights and slavery that the Constitution left open. My spiel. Thanks for reading and thinking and not taking it down. We all need each other. Iron sharpens Iron. (*I'm not schooled in the art of debate. It could be something other than straw man but I'm pretty sure it's fallacious.)
mxamiss5 پیش 14 روز
Nothing close to Trump. This guy is smooth, sharp, and calculated.
Hector W Padilla
Hector W Padilla پیش 14 روز
At 4:45 regarding Special Interest Groups ( SIG’s) “ big powerful business interest or something, that are going to persuade you to do something; as a matter of fact, I don’t know anyone with less influence today in government than businesses. They’re just a convenient whipping group”. What Regan and Thatcher did, was implement economic neoliberalism at the expense of the working middle class. Those populist on the right and on the left ( Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street) have more in common than they’d like to believe.
Nathan Spain
Nathan Spain پیش 14 روز
Guess who the people are who hate Reagan?
Fiz Ban
Fiz Ban پیش 14 روز
We will never have someone like Reagan again.
Miltiadis Kyvernitis
Miltiadis Kyvernitis پیش 14 روز
So. Nothing has really changed then.
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan پیش 14 روز
i remember this it was letme tell you