Super Dave Osborne on The Tonight Show 

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Bob Einstein, a.k.a. Super Dave brings a special gift for Johnny and Ed, and discusses his new boxing training compound.
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2019 3 ژانویه





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Elreypachuco پیش 4 ماه
That was a young Holyfield. I imagine this was filmed right before Tyson went down for rape.
AJ V پیش 8 ماه
I heard he worked on a show with Redd Foxx.
Trev0r98 پیش 20 روز
What do you think he was, a stagehand, you douchebag?!?!?
Quen Tin
Quen Tin پیش 3 ماه
Worked on it?!?!
Paul Steinwall
Paul Steinwall پیش 10 ماه
Super Dave with amazing posture and gait.
Howard Sternlistener
Howard Sternlistener پیش 11 ماه
Super Dave Osborne vs Castillo from Miami vice in a staring competition
XORION پیش سال
WOW when I was a kid my mom bought a vhs movie The incredible adventures of Super Dave and when I searched on youtube I was hoping to find some clips from that movie but I never knew that SD was actually a real person. RIP SD.
Mr Sosha Da baad Man
Mr Sosha Da baad Man پیش 4 ماه
A character played by Bob Einstein.
Dan Maler
Dan Maler پیش سال
Ed McMahon has lost a lot of weight by this stage.
jeffrey lebowski
jeffrey lebowski پیش سال
RIP Super Dave
Carlos پیش سال
Little orphan funkhouser
Freedom Lover
Freedom Lover پیش سال
This shows just how much late night tv sucks right now. Carson was AMAZING, Leno was good, then after that, all downhill and now its not even funny. That ass clown Seth Myers only talks about fake Trump issues. Not funny and not what people turn in to hear at that hour.
Hugh Jazzole'
Hugh Jazzole' پیش سال
What date was this??
Badger BadgerBadger
Badger BadgerBadger پیش سال
That was quite an ending.
My TRU-Cense / Rich I.N.O.
Chris Elliot reminded me of him, they were the same type of comedian I guess? On The Fringe! They started out as like the 'jesters" of a show, and then got a name for themselves!
My TRU-Cense / Rich I.N.O.
Why did S.D. say "Gino it's a pleasure" when saying goodbye to Johnny Carson!?
Franny Becker
Franny Becker پیش سال
Hello saudações belíssimo canal beijos com carinho 😘 Love 😍 ótimo vídeo 🙌🇧🇷👍
Scott Silvey
Scott Silvey پیش سال
Man I loved me some Super Dave! RIP my friend you were the man!!!
ndugu77 پیش سال
Love you... Marty Funkhouser!!!
20FanVampire پیش سال
Do you have the Tonight episode (sorry I do not know the air date) with a small girl who performs feats of strength such as lifting a 500 lb barbell and lifting the back of an automobile? It likely would have been on sometime between 1981 and 1984
GoldenChicken پیش سال
Why can't we see shows like this anymore? All the night shows in nowadays are mixed with politics that are not funny at all.
Shayan Akbari
Shayan Akbari پیش 22 روز
Because these people are all dead.
Go Jojo
Go Jojo پیش سال
"We'll be back in a moment, with Richard Pryor!" Ahhh legendary :)
faffaflunkie پیش سال
I get the feeling he *won't* be back.
bradley root
bradley root پیش سال
The greatest daredevil to rival Evel Knievel.
No One
No One پیش سال
Isn't that sweet at the end?
pat9403 پیش سال
I saw him in a Malibu restaurant a couple of months before he passed, with his wife and a few friends. I don't usually do it but I interrupted them to say thank you for all his great work. He and his wife smiled really big and he shook my hand and thanked me. Such a nice guy and a true artist.
Trev0r98 پیش 20 روز
But did you ask him where he got all his ideas from?
Cia Artin
Cia Artin پیش ماه
That is a wonderful story. How kind and gracious of him.
dubnstuf پیش 4 ماه
@farrell thibodeaux i saw jim norton at a colin quinn show back around the days of Tough Crowd, norton couldn't have been nicer. he asked to borrow my pen, his ran out of ink while writing down colin's jokes
farrell thibodeaux
farrell thibodeaux پیش 4 ماه
that is awesome. I ran into Norm Macdonald and Colin Quinn. they are two of my favorites and they were both very nice
pay پیش سال
Nothing against Jimmy (Carson) but Super Dave was always funnier with Danny (Letterman).
pay پیش سال
Jimmy 😂😂😂
Bud Kaye
Bud Kaye پیش سال
Jamie Rueffer
Jamie Rueffer پیش سال
Always loved Super Dave! You knew he was going to get wrecked you just didn't know how. :D
mark mays
mark mays پیش سال
great way to explain boxing to the folks at home
M W پیش سال
The lead gag was joyously funny
Joan T
Joan T پیش سال
The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Johnny and Super Dave, at the end of the segment, Johnny says, next Richard Pryor. 👍
JJ G پیش سال
Compare this to the Leftist garbage late night hosts of today who are complete garbage
Lawrence Lampke
Lawrence Lampke پیش سال
JJ G ......it's not their fault that we have such a total lying, moron trainwreck for a president that gives an endless stream of material that cannot be ignored by most talk shows. It would be nice if we had a president who would be an inspirational leader with class and brains so there could be more people with true talent,like Dave Osborne and others to entertain us instead of devoting time to the constant absurdity of 'the donald'.It is tiring to hear the orange assholes name all the time,but all the things he does and tweets and says on a daily basis would have been gold comic fodder for Johnny back in his time too.
JJ G پیش سال
Justin Pino So you’re going to say that the late night hosts haven’t turned political. You’re really going to say that and expect anyone to take you seriously. I’m so glad to know how ignorant my enemies are.
Justin Pino
Justin Pino پیش سال
It's amusing they say right wingers being politics into everything when your point is that it's leftists that have made everything from sports to talk shows to award shows places people used to go to escape politics, political
JJ G پیش سال
Pablo123456x I do have something called a job, something I am sure you don’t.
JJ G پیش سال
Matt Brown Johnny Carson was funny and entertaining. You butt hurt Leftists can’t do anything without attacking Trump. You are very sad people.
Ruben vA
Ruben vA پیش سال
RIP Super Dave
Douglas Kalberg
Douglas Kalberg پیش سال
Damn, his voice was almost normal here.
Riccardo Bartolomeo
Riccardo Bartolomeo پیش سال
I remember as a kid watching Bizarre and couldn’t wait until the end of the show when Super Dave would do his skit. RIP Super Dave
James Galloway
James Galloway پیش سال
Dude, Richard Pryor came out next? We need another show like this.
You Tube
You Tube پیش سال
I miss Jimmy Carson!
Artstar2 پیش سال
I never realized how tall Bob was. I knew he was tall but when he shakes Ed's hand you can see he is taller than him and Ed was 6'3".
sjtom57 پیش سال
It's bitter sweet watching these old clips since so many of them are gone now. Late night has never been the same without Johnny.
Adam Prestidge
Adam Prestidge پیش سال
I’d love to know where he gets his ideas from
Dylan Mahler
Dylan Mahler پیش 16 روز
We stan
Michael Scott
Michael Scott پیش 2 ماه
Every comment on super dave vids
Gavin Balajadia
Gavin Balajadia پیش 3 ماه
This just made me miss Super Dave
kokroche1 پیش 4 ماه
You know what the Harlem shake is?
Just ME
Just ME پیش 6 ماه
Explain to the folks at home what an idea is
lambo2655 پیش سال
Super Dave's stunts - the best part of the Canadian sketch comedy show "Bizzare" :)
My3dviews پیش سال
You got the wrong one. LOL
Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly پیش سال
Miss you Super Dave! He’s the funniest guy to just talk and I love how serious he takes EVERYthing
SOMEBROAD1 Limited پیش سال
Well Jimmy 😂😂😂
redflamered پیش سال
Carson was completely over-rated. A total BORE. His show was the same scripted formula monotony every night - just like we have now.
Dave Ford
Dave Ford پیش سال
Your a loser.no class.
av3maria پیش سال
Johnny was, & still is, *the greatest*.
suddlenuance. پیش سال
What we have now is a derivative of this. This is the original. You see how that's different?
Kit Palmer
Kit Palmer پیش سال
Robby G
Robby G پیش سال
What an ass clown. Johnny will always be the king.
pmafterdark پیش سال
Very sad to hear of his passing. Used to always have such a great laugh seeing him as Super Dave over the years.
J.C. Santo
J.C. Santo پیش سال
Thank you for this.✌️✝️Rest in peace Sir.
Corea Kixx
Corea Kixx پیش سال
Thank you Bob, AKA Officer Judy, AKA Super Dave, AKA The Funk Man(Curb Your Enthusiasm)... for 50 years of brilliant dead pan comedy!!
Doug R
Doug R پیش سال
RIP Bob/Dave...been a fan for over 40 years.
All Over
All Over پیش سال
*Super Dave's show was a smash*
7682David پیش سال
They were certainly some originals-RIP guys
Madagascar Multimedia
Madagascar Multimedia پیش سال
RIP Super Dave!
alexander Filyaev
alexander Filyaev پیش سال
AvengerII پیش سال
Three big ones in the last day -- Super Dave Osborne, Mean Gene Okerland, and Daryl "The Captain" Dragon from The Captain and Tennille duo. When you KNOW all the guys who passed away, you know you're getting old! All very unique, all very much from my childhood. And all around 76-77, the age of MANY surviving parents of my generation. It's not something I'm looking forward to in my own family...
Epic mediocrity
Epic mediocrity پیش سال
Lol.. writes his name down 😟
pizzamon 79
pizzamon 79 پیش سال
I remember him from all the funny stunts he did on Showtime.
aviduser1961 پیش سال
Why do I need a wrist wallet? Do you want to run broke? - Modern Romance
Big E's
Big E's پیش سال
Alexander James-Palmer
We miss all of you, Bob, Johnny, and Ed. Absolutely amazing trio. You all are incredibly missed.
Teach a man to fish
Teach a man to fish پیش سال
Thank you for the timely post. Please keep it up. The new guys pale compared to Mr. Carson.
Jeff Wulf
Jeff Wulf پیش سال
Who is actually behind this channel, and WHY don't you publish daily?
michael mcallister
michael mcallister پیش سال
Rest in peace Super Dave you were a true original!!!
Trance 9
Trance 9 پیش سال
RIP Super Dave...you're already missed.
gospos1 پیش سال
It’s funny...the quality of the video is so clear that it looks like it could have been filmed recently...sadly all three gentlemen have passed..life passes so quickly
alvareo92 پیش سال
Shetonya biggins you think when you watch 90s taped shows you’re watching the original broadcast? That’s VHS dude
dildonius پیش سال
@Georgia Overdrive this is probably from the late 80s, 1992 at the absolute latest.
Georgia Overdrive
Georgia Overdrive پیش سال
79 this IS from the nineties dude
Devon Thomas
Devon Thomas پیش سال
@Shetonya biggins this was mid nineties
Handman پیش سال
The Tonight Show was a huge show, they pulled out all the stops for it. Conan in the 90s was an entirely different beast, it never had the money this show did.
Jim Bo
Jim Bo پیش سال
Johnny was one classy guy! RIP Super Dave!
Marc Lindblom
Marc Lindblom پیش سال
Marty Funkhouser you are missed
Dontuween پیش سال
We will miss you Super Dave. :(
James Smith
James Smith پیش سال
RIP Super Dave
ronjon83 پیش سال
RIP Super Dave, Johnny, and Ed... :-(
derick suapaia
derick suapaia پیش 8 ماه
Wow I just realized that....
Darknut پیش سال
They live on forever!
DenaliDaveB پیش سال
RIP Super Dave.
MisterTwister پیش سال
Miss you Johnny
air port
air port پیش سال
This was either in 1990 or 1991 for the scheduled Tyson vs. Holyfield fights that did not take place until 1996.
brewer921 پیش 11 ماه
November 17, 1989, because Johnny says Richard Pryor is next.
Jay Horvath
Jay Horvath پیش سال
Tyson and Holyfield were going to fight in 92, but Tyson was sidetracked by a, probably unexpected, prison sentence. The reality is, Tyson saw Super Dave’s training program with Holyfield on Carson that night and did anything he could to avoid Evander after that.
Sandkei پیش سال
Thanks for this
Tom Olofsson
Tom Olofsson پیش سال
I always liked SD.
Misato پیش 9 ماه
@nerd Surfer ok doomer
green285 پیش سال
James Anderson
James Anderson پیش سال
Rest in Peace.
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